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HyperMu’NmGA - Effect of Hypermutation Cycles in a NetLogo Minimal Genetic Algorithm (version 1.2.0)

A minimal genetic algorithm was previously developed in order to solve an elementary arithmetic problem. It has been modified to explore the effect of a mutator gene and the consequent entrance into a hypermutation state. The phenomenon seems relevant in some types of tumorigenesis and in a more general way, in cells and tissues submitted to chronic sublethal environmental or genomic stress.
For a long time, some scholars suppose that organisms speed up their own evolution by varying mutation rate, but evolutionary biologists are not convinced that evolution can select a mechanism promoting more (often harmful) mutations looking forward to an environmental challenge.
The model aims to shed light on these controversial points of view and it provides also the features required to check the role of sex and genetic recombination in the mutator genes diffusion.

Release Notes

For a model description, see the ODD-protocol or the info-tab attached to the executable file. A preliminary characterization of the model is downloadable here:

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.2.0 Cosimo Leuci Sun Jul 31 09:08:14 2022 Sun Jul 31 09:08:14 2022 Published Peer Reviewed
1.0.0 Cosimo Leuci Tue Oct 27 21:15:40 2020 Tue Oct 27 21:15:40 2020 Published Peer Reviewed


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