CoMSES Net Resources

CoMSES Net is dedicated to fostering open and reproducible computational modeling through trusted cyberinfrastructure and community development. We maintain these community curated resources to help new and experienced computational modelers adopt FAIR principles for digital data management and improve the discoverability, reusability, and reproducibility of their computational models.

Please contact us with feedback or additional resources - your contributions are appreciated!

Modeling Platforms

Modeling Frameworks

Computational modeling frameworks provide a wide range of modeling strategies, useful abstractions, scaffolding, and support for developers of agent-based and other computational models.

Scholarly Journals

Scholarly Journals

A community curated list of scholarly journals covering methodological and theoretical concerns for agent-based and other kinds of computational modeling.

Documentation Standards


Advancing the use of agent-based models in scholarly research demands rigorous standards in model and experiment documentation. CoMSES Net supports the establishment of community standards for documenting and describing your computational models for reuse and interoperability.



A collection of books, courses, and websites related to agent based and computational modeling.

Scholarly Journals

Curated Publications

A curated database of over 7500 publications of agent-based and individual based models with additional metadata on availability of code and bibliometric information on the landscape of ABM/IBM publications.

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