Computational Model Library

This release is out-of-date. The latest version is 1.6.0

Charcoal Record Simulation Model (CharRec) (version 1.4.0)

CharRec simulates the formation of long-term sedimentary charcoal records based on empirically supported models of charcoal dispersion and deposition, physical landscape parameters, and user-defined ignition scenarios. The model provides an exploratory tool to examine the relationship between natural (i.e., lightning caused) and anthropogenic ignition patterns, frequencies, and intensities of landscape fires, and characteristics of the charcoal record produced under different combinations of these parameters. Simulated charcoal records are statistically compared to empirical case studies to determine which ignition scenarios most likely contributed to the formation of a sedimentary record over time. CharRec simulates a suite of processes that impact the generation of the charcoal record, including characteristics of the biophysical landscape such as terrain and wind; fire ignition and charcoal production; and the aerial dispersal of charcoal and its deposition within an accumulating body of sediment.

Release Notes

Version 1.4.0: Updates to charcoal dispersion calculations, including the introduction of fuel types and variable plume sizes.

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.6.0 Grant Snitker Thu Sep 30 15:39:55 2021 Thu Sep 30 15:39:55 2021 Published
1.5.0 Grant Snitker Sun Apr 22 00:21:16 2018 Sun Apr 22 00:21:16 2018 Published
1.4.0 Grant Snitker Wed Feb 14 18:07:16 2018 Wed Feb 14 18:07:16 2018 Published
1.2.0 Grant Snitker Sat Feb 3 21:16:56 2018 Sat Feb 3 21:16:56 2018 Published
1.1.0 Grant Snitker Wed Mar 8 21:51:44 2017 Wed Mar 8 21:51:44 2017 Published
1.0.0 Grant Snitker Mon Nov 16 14:48:43 2015 Mon Nov 16 14:48:43 2015 Published


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