Computational Model Library

FoxNet (version 0.1.0)

FoxNet is an individual-based modelling framework that can be customised to generate high-resolution red fox Vulpes vulpes population models for both northern and southern hemispheres. FoxNet predicts red fox population dynamics, including responses to control and landscape productivity. Model landscapes (up to ~15,000 km^2 and bait layouts can be generated within FoxNet or imported as GIS layers.

If you use FoxNet, please cite:

Hradsky BA, Kelly L, Robley A, Wintle BA (in review). FoxNet: an individual-based modelling framework to support red fox management. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Release Notes

To run FoxNet, save all files in the “code” folder to a “foxnet” folder on your computer.

You will need to install Netlogo 6.0.2, which can be freely downloaded from

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
0.1.0 bhradsky Fri Feb 1 05:01:33 2019 Fri Feb 1 05:01:33 2019 Published
0.0.0 bhradsky Fri Feb 1 03:55:46 2019 Fri Feb 1 03:55:46 2019 Published


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