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Two Postdocs in Complexity Economics & CSS

Application deadline 2021-03-31
Expired Last updated 3 years ago Submitted by Omar Guerrero

I am looking to hire two postdocs in Complexity Economics and/or Computational Social Science at The Alan Turing Institute. They will work on a large and exciting project on shocks and resilience, and will be closely collaborating with experts from other fields such as epidemiology, biology, data science, and spatial modelling.

Funded PhD position in Computational Economics

Application deadline 2020-06-29
Expired Last updated 4 years ago Submitted by Tatiana Filatova

Adaptive resilient economy: responding to shocks under boundedly-rational economic expectations

We focus on modeling economy as an adaptive complex system. Heterogeneous economic agents with bounded rationality and imperfect information make decisions and interact with each other giving rise to macroeconomic phenomena. Economies globally become more interconnected and prone to shocks (incl. climate-induced natural hazards). How do networked economies recover and evolve in face of adversities?

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