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This release is out-of-date. The latest version is 1.0.2

Gender differentiation model (version 1.0.1)

This is a gender differentiation model in terms of reputations, prestige and self-esteem (presented in the paper The model is based on the influence function of the Leviathan model (Deffuant, Carletti, Huet 2013 and Huet and Deffuant 2017) considering two groups.

This agent-based model studies how inequalities can be explained by the difference of open-mindness between two groups of interacting agents. We consider agents having an opinion/esteem about each other and about themselves. During dyadic meetings, agents change their respective opinion about each other and possibly about other agents they gossip about, with a noisy perception of the opinions of their interlocutor. Highly valued agents are more influential in such encounters. We study an heterogeneous population of two different groups: one more open to influence of others, taking less into account their perceived difference of esteem, called L; a second one less prone to it, called S, who designed the credibility they give to others strongly based on how higher or lower valued than themselves they perceive them.

We show that a mixed population always turns in favor to some agents belonging to the group of less open-minded agents S, and harms the other group: (1) the average group self-opinion or reputation of S is always better than the one of L; (2) the higher rank in terms of reputation are more frequently occupied by the S agents while the L agents occupy more the bottom rank; (3) the properties of the dynamics of differentiation between the two groups are similar to the properties of the glass ceiling effect proposed by Cotter et al (2001).

Release Notes

How to run the computational model is described in the starting manual which can be uploaded.

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.0.2 Sylvie Huet Thu Apr 23 08:12:47 2020 Thu Apr 23 08:12:47 2020 Published
1.0.1 Sylvie Huet Tue Apr 21 09:09:13 2020 Tue Apr 21 09:09:13 2020 Published
1.0.0 Sylvie Huet Mon Apr 20 16:01:40 2020 Mon Apr 20 16:01:40 2020 Published


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