Computational Model Library

An agent-based model to identify management practices, integrity and performance in Kenya’s and Ghana’s Water Service Delivery (version 1.3.0)

The agent-based model is based on empirical research carried out by Transparency International Kenya and Ghana Integrity Initiative. In this the main actors involved in Water Service Delivery (WSD) are modelled in terms of a principal and an agent playing different games that reflect different social dilemmas. The payoffs of the various games are defined based on the transparency, accountability, participation and social cost of the relationships between the principal and the agent. The decisions of the bounded-rational actors take into account the expected payoff as well as social comparisons. The strategies adopted by the actors constitute different management practices. The model can be used as a Decision Support Tool showing the best payoffs according to different management practices.

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.3.0 Francesc Bellaubi Tue Jul 15 22:31:36 2014 Tue Jul 15 22:31:36 2014 Published
1.2.0 Francesc Bellaubi Tue Mar 11 02:11:25 2014 Tue Mar 11 02:11:25 2014 Published Peer Reviewed
1.1.0 Francesc Bellaubi Sun Mar 9 03:38:47 2014 Sun Mar 9 03:38:47 2014 Published
1.0.0 Francesc Bellaubi Sun Mar 9 03:34:31 2014 Sun Mar 9 03:34:31 2014 Published


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