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A noisy opinion formation model with two opposing mass media (version 1.0.0)

This agent-based model examines the role of mass media in a noisy opinion formation process, where opinion heterogeneity is preserved by a weak intensity of assimilation and errors accompanying opinion modifications. In a model, agents conformed to their neighbors’ opinions in social networks. In addition, each agent tended to be influenced by one of two external agents with fixed opinions, that is, mass media that take opposite positions on an opinion spectrum. The simulation results demonstrated that a small probability of interactions with mass media reduces opinion heterogeneity even with extreme mass media position values. However, a large frequency of interactions with mass media increases opinion heterogeneity. Accordingly, intermediate assimilation strength achieves the least heterogeneous opinion distribution. This simulation model implies that mass media can play qualitatively different roles depending on their positions and intensity of influence.

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