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This code can be used to analyze the sensitivity of the Deffuant model to different measurement errors. Specifically to:
- Intrinsic stochastic error
- Binning of the measurement scale
- Random measurement noise
- Psychometric distortions

This is an opinion dynamics simulation using Jupiter notebook with python. In the code agents interact in random pairs (as in a fully connected graph) and agent 1 changes her opinion depending on the opinion of agent 2.
The code uses three main effects:
a) Social influence (i.e. agent 1 moves in the direction of agent 2)
b) Flipping (i.e. agent 1 has a certain probability of changing her agreement level, while preserving her certainty)
c) Certainty-induced noise (i.e. the opinion of the agent has some random fluctuations whose amplitude depends on the initial

Under development.

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