Bin-Tzong Chie

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Bin-Tzong Chie


Department of Industrial Economics, Tamkang University

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Research Interests

Agent-Based Modeling

This program is built by Netlogo and modified from Wilensky (1997). This project models the behavior of two or three types of turtles in the prediction markets. At first, the turtles with different colors get along with one another. But each turtle wants to make sure that it lives near some of “its own.” That is, each green turtle wants to live near at least some green turtles, and each blue or orange turtle wants to live near at least some blue or orange turtles. The simulation shows how […]

Network-Based Trust Games

Bin-Tzong Chie | Published Thu Aug 22 07:16:41 2013 | Last modified Wed Apr 15 17:03:56 2020

The network-based trust game is a hybridization of both the repeated trust games and the network games.

We investigate the role of learning and its impact on the stability of the equilibrium of the Scarf (1960) economy via an agent-based model.

Agent-Based Piracy Model Unpublished

Bin-Tzong Chie | Unpublished

This program is built by Netlogo and modified from Wilensky (2004). The agent-based piracy model is an adaptation from Joshua Epstein’s model of civil violence (2002), the rebellion of a subjugated population against a central authority.

Under development.

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