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Senior Software Developer

Application deadline 2024-07-12
Expired Last updated 3 weeks ago Submitted by Aaron Brandes

The Center for Connected Learning & Computer-Based Modeling (CCL) at Northwestern University is looking for a
full-time Software Developer to work on NetLogo. If you are a system builder and can design and implement a whole
application independently, this position is ideal for you! Start date as soon as possible. Please apply via [email protected], which is faster than applying via the web site. See detailed description.

Expired Last updated 4 years ago Submitted by Önder Gürcan

The objective of this thesis is to investigate the uncertain constraints of blockchain systems and to propose a deep reinforcement learning decision-making approach based on utility and rewards for both user and block creator agents.

The thesis will also contribute to develop and extend the agent-based simulation platform Multi-Agent eXperimenter (MAX) of LICIA.

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