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Repast modeler/postdoc

In the past weeks we have developed an agent based social simulation for the COVID crisis (ASSOCC). The results are continuously updated on the website of the project: At the moment we have quite a complex model that does a good job to simulate the epidemiological, economic and social effects of the crisis and their dependencies. The model now runs with 1000 agents.
The whole model is built in NetLogo and now reached its limits. In order to move on to scenarios with more location based aspects and for more
fine grained scenarios we want to scale up and move to Repast. This will also allow us to refactor some issues in the core agent deliberation
system that works well with simple models, but should be updated for the more complex scenarios we face now.
In order to make this switch we look for a very strong Repast programmer and modeler who can take the lead on this development. This work can be done in the place where the person is now located. It can be done as an internship or as the start of a postdoc position.
At the same time we also want to make more use of this model in future applications. Therefore we want to generalise it and extend the tooling
around it. For this work we have a POSTDOC position for two years available at UmeƄ university (this position will be officially opened as
soon as some serious candidates are available). If you are interested in this work and want to be part of the very exciting work on ABM with real world impact contact me as soon as possible (e-mail: [email protected]).


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