Computational Model Library

Co-operative Autonomy (version 1.0.0)

This model presents an autonomous, two-lane driving environment with a single lane-closure that can be toggled. The four driving scenarios - two baseline cases (based on the real-world) and two experimental setups - are as follows:

  • Baseline-1 is where cars are not informed of the lane closure.
  • Baseline-2 is where a Red Zone is marked wherein cars are informed of the lane closure ahead.
  • Strategy-1 is where cars use a co-operative driving strategy - FAS. <sup>[1]</sup>
  • Strategy-2 is a variant of Strategy-1 and uses comfortable deceleration values instead of the vehicle’s limit.

To simulate autonomous car-following behavior, we use the widely accepted Intelligent Driver Model (IDM) by Treiber (2000). In order to allow cars modeled with IDM to make lane changes in our two-lane freeway, we use a lane change model - Minimizing Overall Braking Induced by Lane changes (MOBIL) - by Kesting et al. (2007).

Release Notes

Initial release

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.0.0 Hani Mohammed Sat Apr 24 09:38:34 2021 Sat Apr 24 09:38:34 2021 Published


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