Computational Model Library

Agent-based Line-of-Sight Simulation for safer Crossings (Short Paper - Netlogo Model) (version 1.0.0)

This software simulates cars and bicycles as traffic participants while crossing different crossroad designs such as roundabouts, protected crossroads and standard crossroads. It is written in Netlogo 6.2 and aims to identify safety characteristics of these layouts using agent-based modeling. Participants track the line of sight to each other and print them as an output alongside with the adjacent destination, used layout, count of collisions/cars/bicycles and time.

Detailed information can be found within the info tab of the program itself.

Release Notes

First version of the Traffic Simulation model in Netlogo.

Provided data includes the model itself which can be started by simply executing the “” file with Netlogo (preferably version 6.2).
Further, three test layouts are included as .bmp images which can be imported to the model for testing.

All outputs will be written to the simulation folder as .txt for further analysis.

Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.0.0 Vincent Franke Thu Aug 5 07:57:48 2021 Thu Aug 5 07:57:48 2021 Published


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