Computational Model Library

This release is out-of-date. The latest version is 0.9.0

A Toy Model for the Abilene Paradox (version 0.8.0)

This version adds a Maslowian entropy to each agent decision based on Kendrick et. al. Rudimentary implementation assumes agents with lower scores are more likely to make decisions autonomously rather than sociotropically.

Release Notes

How to Run

  • Run pre-built jar or compile project into a jar and run.
  • Make sure to include dependency jars for Akka 2.5.23 and Scala 2.12.8
  • Output will be a series of log lines.


  • Requires Scala 2.12 and Akka 2.5 to run, as well as Java 1.8+

Download Version 0.8.0
Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
0.9.0 Victor Sahin Sun Jul 14 18:24:31 2019 Sun Jul 14 18:24:31 2019 Published
0.8.5 Victor Sahin Sun Jul 7 22:05:03 2019 Sun Jul 7 22:05:03 2019 Published
0.8.0 Victor Sahin Fri Jun 21 18:05:27 2019 Fri Jun 21 18:05:27 2019 Published
0.7.0 Victor Sahin Mon Jun 17 09:55:28 2019 Mon Jun 17 09:55:28 2019 Published


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