Computational Model Library

PercolationPrice (version 1.2.0)

This model reproduce the demand curve in a market where consumers are embedded in a social network structure. Diffusion is modelled in a percolation framework: the product price acts as the material density of standard percolation experiments. Nodes are the potential buyers of the product (consumers) embedded in a social network. Different consumers have different reservation prices for the product. The user can try different settings of the model in a number of dimensions: the product price, the distribution of reservations prices, the network structure, and a learning coefficient that regulates the fall in price due technical progress.

Download Version 1.2.0
Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.2.0 Paolo Zeppini Thu May 3 16:09:02 2018 Thu May 3 16:09:02 2018 Published


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