Computational Model Library

Managing Connectivity: insights from modelling species interactions accross multiple scales in an idealized landscape (version 1.2.0)

The model comprises two connected patches. The link that connects the two patches represents the cost of movement between habitats. Predators and prey move across the landscape according to predetermined rules. Prey and predators reproduce, predators are able to hunt and kill prey and die of natural causes. The carrying capacity of the patches is dynamic, based on the presence of prey. A manager is able to alter the connection between patches in order to hinder or facilitate movement of species. The management objective is always the maximization of the coexistence time.

Download Version 1.2.0
Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.2.0 Jacopo A. Baggio Mon Jan 20 18:21:38 2014 Mon Jan 20 18:21:38 2014 Published
1.1.0 Jacopo A. Baggio Thu Nov 14 18:18:41 2013 Thu Nov 14 18:18:41 2013 Published
1.0.0 Jacopo A. Baggio Mon Oct 1 21:34:50 2012 Sat Apr 27 20:18:37 2013 Published


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