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Objective: to understand, from models confronted with empirical data, how individuals’ opinions and preferences interact with the structuring of social networks and groups to generate collective behaviors and social dynamics.

Keywords: computational social science, opinion dynamics, complex systems modeling, web-mining & deep learning, cognitive science.

Abstract: The formal modeling of social phenomena has known several interdisciplinary contributions since the founding work of John Nash[…]

A 4-year PhD scholarship is available on the topic “Coevolution of languages and social networks” at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, starting August 2019.

The PhD candidate will be h[…]

Expired Last updated 6 years ago Submitted by Marco Janssen
Expired Last updated 8 years ago Submitted by Thomas Tirone
  1. Uses a high degree of concentration to plan, develop, build, test, validate and operate multiscale agent-based simulation models for a variety of nonlinear, time-based problems within ALSAC, drawing on a current inventory of predictive models as well as exploratory work. Multiscale agent-based simulation models for strategic and/or tactical applications in Java or C++ produce system-level financial and other outputs (metrics, forecasts) based on (a) consumer econometrics, algorithms, […]
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