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Big Data for Environmental Resilience and Adaptation - 2024 ESIIL Innovation Summit

Big Data for Environmental Resilience and Adaptation
May 14th-16th, 2024
University of Colorado Boulder

Applications are open! Please complete this application by January 26th, 2024.

ESIIL’s 2024 Innovation Summit will offer an opportunity to use big data to understand resilience across genes, species, ecosystems and societies, advance ecological forecasting with solutions in mind, and inform adaptive management and natural climate solutions. The Summit will support attendees to advance data-informed courses of action for resilience and adaptation in the face of our changing environment. It will be an in-person ‘unconference’, enabling participants to dynamically work on themes that most inspire them, with inclusive physical and intellectual spaces for working together. Over two and a half days participants will work in teams to explore research questions using open science approaches, including: data infrastructure, artificial intelligence (AI) and novel analytics, and cloud computing. Participants will be encouraged to work across and respect different perspectives, with the aim of co-developing resilience solutions. ESIIL will provide participants with opportunities to learn more about cultural intelligence, ethical and open science practices, and leadership in the rapidly evolving field of environmental data science. Overall, the Summit will capitalize on the combination of open data and analytics opportunities to develop innovative or impactful approaches that improve environmental resilience and adaptation.

Why Big Data for Environmental Resilience and Adaptation?
Humans have vastly altered ecosystems, leading to habitat and biodiversity loss, climate change, and altered nutrient and water cycles. At the same time, we are in an unprecedented moment where vast amounts of data are being produced about our planet faster than we can generate insights in a responsible way. We urgently need solutions that foster equitable use of our planet’s resources and better distribute the burden of adaptation.

The goals of the 2024 ESIIL Innovation Summit are to:
Explore big data for environmental resilience and adaptation by identifying data synthesis opportunities and utilizing ESIIL cloud-compute capabilities.
Promote best practices in ethical, open science, by supporting accessibility and usability of environmental data by all stakeholders. Champion ethical and equitable practices in environmental science, honoring data sovereignty and encouraging the responsible use of AI.
Support diverse and inclusive teams by establishing collaborations around data-inspired themes across different disciplines, sectors, career stages, and backgrounds.
Encourage the co-production of environmental knowledge with communities that are experiencing significant environmental challenges.
Who should apply?
The Summit seeks to bring together participants who are interested in exploring the potential of big data to increase our understanding of environmental adaptation and resilience by identifying data synthesis opportunities, exploring ESIIL CI capabilities, and cultivating innovative ideas by building diverse and inclusive teams. Participants from a range of different sectors, disciplinary expertise, career stage and experience are encouraged to apply. Applications are due on January 26, 2024 and participants will be invited to attend after a selection process.

May 14: 9am-5pm MT
May 15: 9am-5pm MT
May 16: 9am-12pm MT
There will also be optional workshops and an informal social mixer on the afternoon before the Summit on May 13. In addition, we will be holding virtual brainstorming sessions and data skills training that will last from 1-2 hours in the 4-6 weeks before the Summit. Exact dates and times for these sessions are TBD.

This is an in-person event located at the SEEC building on CU Boulder’s East Campus in Boulder, Colorado.

Registration: Invited participants are required to confirm their attendance to the event within one week of acceptance.

Finances: There is no registration fee for accepted participants to attend the Innovation Summit or associated trainings and workshops. A limited number of travel awards of up to $1,200 are available to help defray airfare/mileage and accommodation costs. These stipends will be allocated in consideration of the entire pool of requests, depending upon need and distance and difficulty of travel. Simple snacks, beverages, and lunch will be provided during the event.

Ready to apply?
Please complete this application by January 26th, 2024.

If you have any questions about the 2024 Innovation Summit, please contact [email protected].


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