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Session "Modelling change in social-ecological systems" at European Conference on Ecological Modelling

Dear colleagues,

we would like to invite you to submit contributions for our session “Modelling change in social-ecological systems – from conceptual reflections to promising case-based examples”
on ECEM 2023 - European Conference on Ecological Modelling Sept 4-8 2023 in Leipzig Germany.

Session details you find at

European Conference on Ecological Modelling


In a world where biodiversity and ecosystem services are at high risk, business as usual is no longer possible. Transformation of how societies deal with natural resources is much needed, but requires a better understanding of how ecological and social-ecological systems respond to change and human intervention. Ecological Modelling thus needs to aim at predicting the response to change and to address multiple scales in time, space and organization that are relevant for management.

The 9th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, ECEM 2023, welcomes contributions that directly or indirectly support transformation. This includes strategies and models that focus on improving one or more of the following aspects: representation of response mechanisms, multi-criteria model evaluation, model-data fusion, sensitivity and robustness analyses, upscaling and transferability to new regions, link to management scenarios, social-ecological systems, transparency and reproducibility, implementation and testing of theories and concepts, and multi-modelling synthesis. In general, any contribution advancing ecological modelling is welcome.


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