Computational Model Library

A-KinGDom: A Kinship, Grooming and Dominance Model for Primate Societies (version 1.1.0)

Based on previous models (Hemelrijk 1998; Puga-González, Hildenbrant & Hemelrijk 2009), we have developed an agent-based model and software, called A-KinGDom, which allows us to simulate the emergence of the social structure in a group of non-human primates. The model includes dominance and affiliative interactions which allow us to define four different attack and affiliative strategies. The A-KinGDom software reads initial parameters from a text file, performs the simulations and saves the agents’ information and the main measures of social structure of non-human primates in three text files. Therefore, the results obtained from simulations can be compared with empirical observations of groups of primates

Download Version 1.1.0
Version Submitter First published Last modified Status
1.1.0 Ruth Dolado Wed Jul 17 10:18:33 2013 Wed Jul 17 10:18:33 2013 Published
1.0.0 Ruth Dolado Thu Jul 11 10:56:12 2013 Thu Jul 11 10:56:12 2013 Published


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