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PhD opening at TU Delft - understanding the dynamics of interdependent infrastructure systems

Delft University of Technology is looking for a PhD candidate with a strong quantitative background; please see the description below. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2024, see details here: . For further questions, please email Dr. Omar Kammouh (in cc).

PhD position on understanding the dynamics of interdependent infrastructure systems
Infrastructure systems (such as the distribution and transmission grids for electricity, transport systems, and water distribution networks) are the backbone of societies, playing an essential role in supporting our daily activities. These infrastructure systems are highly complex, large-scale socio-technical systems spanning many temporal, spatial, and organizational scales. They are embedded in, intertwined with, and co-dependent on many different social systems.

Due to systemic challenges facing the infrastructure systems, for example, the energy transition, climate change, or demographic and technological changes, there is an increased focus on understanding the dynamics of coupled infrastructure systems. With the rising complexity of infrastructure systems, their vulnerability to hazards, including those stemming from climate change and energy transitions, increases.

Decision-makers responsible for the long-term planning and improving the resilience of integrated infrastructure systems rely on the existing and increasingly outdated approaches, which are unable to deal with the deep uncertainty these systems face. Therefore, we need new innovative (AI/ML-based) planning and development methods to evaluate and improve the resilience of our infrastructure so that we can effectively respond to the continuously changing (physical and social) environment. For these innovative methods to be developed, a deep understanding of integrated infrastructure systems dynamics is essential, which is a significant scientific challenge.

This Ph.D. position focuses on the conceptualization and modeling of integrated infrastructure systems. We seek to answer questions such as: What are the unique properties and traits of infrastructure systems that contribute to their interdependence? How can we characterize the interactions between infrastructure systems? What are suitable (multi-)modeling approaches to model these interactions? and what is the most relevant resolution and scale to capture these dynamics?

This Ph.D. position in what can be termed “Complex Systems Analysis and Modelling” provides a unique opportunity to contribute to a critical and transformative field that emphasizes the resilience of our communities and vital infrastructure systems. As a part of our highly multidisciplinary team, your research will be instrumental in advancing our understanding of complex infrastructure systems dynamics and help develop new conceptual and modeling foundations for further impactful research.


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