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Post-Doctoral Position on Agent-based modelling for Ecosystem Services Management

The Institute of Biology, University of Campinas, Brazil is looking for an ABM modeller, with experience in working with stakeholders. The current 13-month contract is for a project that is part of an integrated Longterm Ecological Research programme, carried out in a montane nature reserve in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo State (Brazil). The work will be supervised by Dr. Laszlo Nagy in collaboration with the previous PDRA of the project, Dr. Eduardo Arraut, now of the ITA, São José dos Campos. Dr. Christophe Le Page, University of Brasília and CIRAD will provide additional advice. There is a potential for expanding the scope of the project and apply it to a number sites across the Andes, in an international project, in an additional 24-month contract.


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