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International Workshop on Interdisciplinary Design of Emotion Sensitive Agents (IDEA)

Co-located with the 2023 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), the international workshop on Interdisciplinary Design of Emotion Sensitive Agents (IDEA) seeks to foster interdisciplinary discussions on considerations around the techniques and social ramifications of building Emotion Sensitive Agents (ESA), i.e. agents equipped with models of emotion that can recognize or simulate the emotion of humans.

Emotion Sensitive Agents (ESA), i.e. agents equipped with emotional sensitivity, may it be for accounting for (human-centered) or replicating (human-like) emotion, are an uprising interest topic in agent and multiagent design and applications. Understanding the theory and technique for designing such agents and assessing their impact on individuals and society inherently require an interdisciplinary scrutiny, from grounding ESA models in, for example, psychology-based background, to developing solid validation methodologies and assessing the consequences of such systems in larger socio-technical frames.

We welcome all submissions dedicated to study the design of ESA (or some of its facets) along all steps of the design chain: theories, models, implementations, validation, applications, and impact (ethical, social, legal, economic, cultural etc.). Submissions can have any disciplinary origin (e.g. computer science, psychology, social sciences, critical studies). The only key requirement is the integration of an orientation towards including insights from several disciplines.


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