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ACM SIGSPATIAL 2022 International Workshop on Geospatial Simulation Call for Papers

The GeoSim 2022 workshop focuses on all aspects of geospatial simulation as a paradigm to understand, model, and predict spatial phenomena and aid decision making. New simulation methodologies and frameworks, not necessarily coming from the SIGSPATIAL community, are encouraged to participate. Also, this workshop is of interest to everyone who works with spatial data. The simulation methods that will be presented and discussed in the workshop should find a wide application across the community by producing benchmark datasets that can be parameterized and scaled. Simulated data sets will be made available to the community via the website. The special topic for GeoSim 2022 brings focus to the impact of climate change from geosimulation’s perspective.

The workshop seeks high-quality full (8-10 pages) and short (up to 4 pages) papers that will be peer-reviewed. Once accepted, at least one author is required to register for the workshop and the ACM SIGSPATIAL conference, as well as attend the workshop to present the accepted work which will then appear in the ACM Digital Library.

We solicit novel and previously unpublished research on all topics related to geospatial simulation including, but not limited to:
Agent Based Models for Spatial Simulation, Multi-Agent Based Spatial Simulation, Big Spatial Data Simulation, Disease Spread Simulation, Spatial Data/Trajectory Generators, Road Traffic Simulation, Environmental Simulation, GIS using Spatial Simulation, Interactive Spatial Simulation, Spatial Simulation Parallelization and Distribution, Geo-Social Simulation and Data Generators, Social Unrest and Riot Prediction using Simulation, Spatial Analysis based on Simulation, Behavioral Simulation, Verifying and Validating Spatial Simulations, Urban Simulation and Digital Twin Simulation.


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