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Ninth International Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications

Ninth International Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications

Madrid, Spain December 1- 3, 2020

You are cordially invited to submit your contribution until September 02, 2020.
· Leman Akogu Carnegie Mellon University, USA
· Stefano Boccaletti ISC CNR, Italy
· Fosca Giannotti KDD Lab Pisa, Italy
· János Kertész Central European University Hungary
· Vito Latora Queen Mary, University of London UK
· Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland MIT Media Lab, USA
· Nataša Pržulj Barcelona Supercomputing Center Spain

Tutorials (November 30, 2020)
· David Garcia Complexity Science Hub Vienna Austria
· Mikko Kivelä Aalto University Finland

Conference publications
Full papers (not previously published up to 12 pages) and Extended Abstracts (about published or unpublished research up to 3 pages) are welcome.
· Papers will be included in the conference proceedings edited by Springer
· Extended abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts (with ISBN)

Post-conference publications
Extended versions of unpublished contributions (papers & abstracts) will be invited for publication in special issues of international journals:
o Applied Network Science edited by Springer
o Complex Systems
o Computational Social Networks edited by Springer
o Frontiers in Big Data
o Network Science edited by Cambridge University Press
o PLOS one
o Social Network Analysis and Mining edited by Springer

include, but are not limited to
o Models of Complex Networks
o Structural Network Properties and Analysis
o Complex Networks and Epidemics
o Community Structure in Networks
o Community Discovery in Complex Networks
o Motif Discovery in Complex Networks
o Network Mining
o Network embedding methods
o Machine learning with graphs
o Dynamics and Evolution Patterns of Complex Networks
o Link Prediction
o Multilayer Networks
o Network Controllability
o Synchronization in Networks
o Visual Representation of Complex Networks
o Large-scale Graph Analytics
o Social Reputation, Influence, and Trust
o Information Spreading in Social Media
o Rumour and Viral Marketing in Social Networks
o Recommendation Systems and Complex Networks
o Financial and Economic Networks
o Complex Networks and Mobility
o Biological and Technological Networks
o Mobile call Networks
o Bioinformatics and Earth Sciences Applications
o Resilience and Robustness of Complex Networks
o Complex Networks for Physical Infrastructures
o Complex Networks, Smart Cities and Smart Grids
o Political networks
o Supply chain networks
o Complex networks and information systems
o Complex networks and CPS/IoT
o Graph signal processing
o Cognitive Network Science
o Network Medicine
o Network Neuroscience
o Quantifying success through network analysis
o Temporal and spatial networks
o Historical Networks

General Chairs
Rosa Maria Benito Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Hocine Cherifi University of Burgundy, France
Esteban Moro Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Program Chairs
Chantal Cherifi University of Lyon, France
Luis M. Rocha Indiana University, USA
Marta Sales-Pardo Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain


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