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Modelling and Simulation for Decision Support @ Bayreuth University Summer School

Title: Modelling and Simulation for Decision Support
Date: 22-26 July 2013
Location: Bayreuth University (Germany)

This course is part of the Bayreuth International Summer School 2013. It provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the topic of modelling and simulation for decision support (aimed at Management Science students but also suitable for students from related areas). The group size for this course is limited to 15-20 students. Participants will receive a certificate with ECTS credits.

Dr Peer-Olaf Siebers (School of Computer Science, Nottingham University, UK) [email protected]

Dr Stephan Onggo (Management School, Lancaster University, UK)
[email protected]

Summary of Content:
Systems simulation is becoming increasingly popular as a decision support tool in Operations Research and Management Science. This can be accounted to the recent increase in data availability and improvements of speed in computer hardware. Systems simulation helps to better understand the processes currently in place and shows the consequences of changes to these processes over time. Besides its standard application of studying the operations of a system it has more recently also gained attention as a useful tool for studying the behaviour of people in human centred service systems. Three broad simulation paradigms exist: system dynamics, discrete event, and agent-based. This course will explain each of them in detail so that students will be competent in choosing and implementing the right method for their particular problem. Students will also learn the general principles and techniques used in modelling and simulation and will gain some practical experience in how to design and implement their own simulation models (which requires basic programming skills).

Course Software:
AnyLogic (multi-paradigm modelling and simulation IDE):

Education Aims:
To introduce students to the principles of systems modelling and simulation To enable students to appreciate the different systems modelling and simulation methods To enable students to make a competent decision which method to use for their particular problem Practical experience with applying systems modelling and simulation

The all-inclusive course fee amounts to 980€ for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The all-inclusive fee of 980€ consists of a tuition-charge (480€) and an accommodation- and board-charge (500€), which includes in addition a Regional Culture Programme and organised evening events following the courses, a Farewell-Evening and Saturday weekend excursion. For students from partner universities of Bayreuth University tuition fees will be waived and only fees for board and accommodation apply.

For more information about the summer school and how to book see:

For a more detailed outline of the content of the course see:


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