Introduction to Git and GitHub

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Familiarize yourself with Git and GitHub by working through a interactive introductory course hosted on GitHub classrooms.


  1. Create a GitHub account if you do not already have one.
  2. Download and install a Git client like GitHub Desktop.
  3. Download and install NetLogo if you’d like to run the boids.nlogo model. This GitHub classroom uses the NetLogo commons Flocking model as a running example.
  4. Download and install a plain text editor like Atom or Visual Studio Code to resolve merge conflicts in NetLogo code. NetLogo will fail to launch and error out if you try to open a NetLogo model with merge conflicts.

Git started

Join our GitHub Classroom and complete all the assignments listed in your new repository’s README. A public pull request will also be created where you can ask for help. Alternatively, feel free to use our education forums to request help, clarification, or provide feedback / suggestions for this course.


Constructive feedback is always welcome! If you’d run into any problems while going through the course please feel free to:

  1. create an issue in our classroom’s source template repository
  2. start a discussion in our education forums
  3. send us a private note via the contact form
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