Michelle Johnson Member since: Tuesday, December 09, 2014

PhD, Ecology and Environmental Sciences

S Johnson Member since: Thursday, October 23, 2014

Biological Sciences, Bioengineering

ABM modelling of molecular and cellular interactions in Lymph Nodes

Steven Johnson Member since: Monday, December 10, 2018 Full Member

Johnson Mafoko Member since: Monday, July 07, 2014 Full Member Reviewer

Matthew Begun Member since: Thursday, April 26, 2018 Full Member

Matthew Hall Member since: Friday, July 29, 2022 Full Member

Matthew Ives Member since: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Full Member

Matthew Gibson Member since: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

matthew_karlsen Member since: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sara Mcphee-Knowles Member since: Wednesday, March 05, 2014

PhD Candidate, Public Policy, Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, 2009

My dissertation research at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy focuses on food safety and consumer choices, using agent-based models as a novel method for investigating this policy space.

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